The Radial Cloner FFGL plugin allows you to duplicate the input source in a circular fashion.

Features include:

  • Image Rotation (allows the whole canvas to be rotated 360 degrees)
  • Clone Scale (scales each instance around its center in X and Y)
  • Ring Radius (allows to move every instance from the canvas center)Number of Clones (Number of clones being generated)
  • Clone Rotation (Rotates the Clones on their own center in 360 degrees)
  • Ring Degree (allows to open the clone circle from 0 to 360 degrees)
  • Clone Order (how the clones being rendered  from Top to Bottom or in reverse)
  • Alpha Blending (to blend alpha channels present in the clip)

Two versions are available for OSX and Windows
Current Version V1.100

DOWNLOADS will be provided shorty

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